1000535 Ushio FHS 300W 82V MR13 GX5.3 Clear Tungsten Halogen Slide Projector Lamp

1000535 Ushio FHS 300W 82V MR13 GX5.3 Clear Halogen Lamp


  • 1388

Ushio OEM FHS 1000535 Halogen Slide Projector Bulb

  • Used in slide and film strip projectors
  • 300 Watts  82 Volts
  • GX5.3, 2 Pin Base
  • MR-13 Bulb Type
  • 70 Hours Rated Average Life
  • 650 Lumens
  • 3300K Color Temperature
  • 100 CRI
  • CC-8 Filament
  • Clear Bulb
  • Faceted Reflector
  • 1.755 in (44.6 mm) Max Overall Length
  • 1.638 in (41.6 mm) Bulb Diameter
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Other part numbers, 03420, 47614, 54979, 70230, 628104 (Kodak), 761180, 93520, 253054, 25305-4, 1000535, 6VN06, DN-28704, JCR82V-300W

Used In Models:

Dukane Micromatic II 28A85
Dukane Micromatic II 28A85A
Dukane Micromatic II 28A85B
Dukane Micromatic II 28A85C
Dukane Micromatic II 28A81
Dukane Micromatic II 28A81A
Dukane Micromatic II 28A81B
Dukane Micromatic II 28A81C
Dukane Pro Series 28A100
Dukane Pro Series 28A107
Dukane Pro Series 28A100RA
Dukane Pro Series 28A107RA
Dukane 28A-120 Pro Series
Dukane 28A-123 Pro Series
Dukane 28A-127 Pro Series
Dukane 28A-150 Pro Series
Dukane 28A-157 Pro Series
Eastman Kodak Ektagraphic III-A
Eastman Kodak EktaPro Series
Eastman Kodak Carousel 4000
Eastman Kodak Carousel 4200
Eastman Kodak Carousel 4400
Eastman Kodak Carousel 4500
Eastman Kodak Carousel 4600
Eastman Kodak Carousel 5200
Eastman Kodak Carousel 5400
Eastman Kodak Carousel 5600
Gavi (General Audio Visual Inc.) Lampmaster III
Gavi (General Audio Visual Inc.) Duo

1000535 Ushio FHS 300W 82V MR13 GX5.3 Clear Halogen Lamp has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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