CPX430LAMP Replacement Lamp for Hitachi Projectors. CP-HX2080, CP-HX2080A, CP-S420, CP-S420W, CP-S420WA, CP-X430, CP-X430W, CP-X430WA, MC-X2500, MVP-X12, SRP-2600

CPX430LAMP Hitachi Projector Lamp


  • $8750

The CPX430LAMP replacement lamp is designed to replace the original lamp of your Hitachi projector.

All projector lamps come with a 90 day warranty.

Same as DT00471

Works with models:

Hitachi:  CP-HX2080, CP-HX2080A, CP-S420, CP-S420W, CP-S420WA, CP-X430, CP-X430W, CP-X430WA, MC-X2500, MVP-X12, SRP-2600

Warranties valid for website orders only

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