Epson ELPLP41 Compatible Projector Lamp Module


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Epson ELPLP41 Compatible Replacement Lamp Module

Compatible with these Projector Part Numbers: ELPLP41, ELP LP41, ELP-LP41, ELPLP41, EP V13H010L41, EP-V13H010L41, EPV13H010L41, H010L41, V13H010L41

Model Numbers: EB-S6, EB-S6, EB-S62, EB-S62, EB-S62L, EB S62L, EBS62L, EB-S6LU, EB-S6LU, EB-TW420, EB TW420, EBTW420, EB-W6, EB-W6, EB-WG, EB WG, EBWG, EB-X5, EB X5, EBX5, EB-X6, EB X6, EBX6, V11H284053, EB-X62, EB X62, EBX62, EB-X6e, EB-X6e, EB-X6L, EB X6L, EBX6L, EB-X6LU, EB X6L, EB X6LU, EB X6U, EBX6L, EBX6LU, EBX6U, EB-X6U, EB-X6U, EH-TW420, EH TW420, EHTW420, EMP-260, EMP 260, EMP260, EMP-77, EMP-77, EMP-77C, EMP-77C, EMP-S5, EMP-S5, EMP-S5+, EMP-S5+, EMP-S52, EMP-S52, EMP-S6, EMP-S6, EMP-S6+, EMP-S6+, EMP-T5, EMP-T5, EMP-X5, EMP X5, EMPX5, EMP-X52, EMPX52, EMP-X6, EMP X6, EMP X6E, EMPX6, EMPX6E, EMP-X6E, EMP-X6E, EX21, EMP-EX21, EMPEX21, V11H283620, EX30, EMP-EX30, EMPEX30, V11H283020, EX50, EMP-EX50, EMPEX50, V11H284220, EX70, EMP-EX70, EMPEX70, V11H285220, H283A, H283A, H283B, H283B, H283C, H283C, H284A, H284A, H284B, H284B, H284C, H284C, H285A, H285A, H285C, H285C, PowerLite 260d, 260d, EMP 260d, EMP-260d, EMP260d, PowerLite-260d, PowerLite260d, PowerLite 77, PowerLite 77, PowerLite 77c, EMP77, EMP77C, PowerLite77, PowerLite77c, V11H254220, PowerLite 78, EMP-78, EMP-78C, EMP78, EMP78C, PowerLite 78c, PowerLite78, PowerLite78c, V11H284420, PowerLite Home Cinema 700, EMP-HC700, EMPHC700, HC700, powerLite HC 700, PowerLite HC700, V11H285620, PowerLite S5, EMP S5+, EMPS5, EMPS5+, EMPS52, PowerLiteS5, V11H252020, PowerLite S6, EB S62L, EB S6LU, EBS6, EBS62, EBS62L, EBS6LU, EMP S6+, EMPS6, EMPS6+, PowerLiteS6, V11H283420, PowerLite S6 Series, PowerLite S6 Series, PowerLite W6, EB-W62, EBW6, EBW62, EMP-W6, EMPW6, V11H285420

Epson ELPLP41 Compatible Projector Lamp Module has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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