PE175BF Excelitas Cermax 175W 12.5V Xenon Medical Industrial Illuminator Lamp

PE175BF Excelitas Cermax 175W 12.5V Xenon Ceramic Short Arc Lamp


  • 24999

New PE175BFA Excelitas Cermax (Perkin Elmer) 175W Xenon Bulb

  • Used in fiber optic medical illuminators, endoscopy, spectroscopy, microscopy, infrared and visible spotlights/beacons, UV curing, and video projection
  • 175 Watts (150-200 Watt range)  12.5 Volts (Operating Voltage)
  • UV Filtered Output
  • Xenon Short Arc
  • Parabolic Reflector
  • 1000 Hours Rated Average Life
  • 2200 Lumens
  • 5900K Color Temperature
  • Clear Window
  • 1.667 in (42.3418 mm) Max Overall Length
  • 1.0 in (25.4 mm) Window Diameter
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Other part numbers, 5001603, 8310007, 20-1320-20, CE175, CEX175BF, CL175BF, PE175BFA, VAC175-F-C/U

PE175BFA Excelitas Datasheet
PE175BF Perkin Elmer Datasheet

Used in models:
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine ELS2
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine GS9205
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine GS9250
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine GS9270
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine GS9480
Birtcher/Solos/Woodbine GS9481
Excelitas Cermax PE175BFA
Ikon-Voigtlander Superlux 175
Isolux XSB1180 Illuminator
Laborie 615-XE
Luxtec/Integra 9175
Luxtel 9175
Negus 615-B
Negus 615-C
Negus 615-XES
Negus 615-XE
Olympus CLV-A (175W)
Olympus XLS (175W)
Olympus Y-1176
Perkin Elmer PE175BF Xenon
Perkin Elmer ILC-LX175
Perkin Elmer ORC 175F
Storz 1061A
Storz 20131520
Storz 20132025
Storz 20132026
Storz 20132120
Storz 615B
Storz 615C
Storz 615XES
Storz 615XE
Sunoptics PE175W
Sunoptics Solarmaxx 180
Sunoptics Titan 180
Zeiss Superlux 175
Zeiss 304977-9036

PE175BF Excelitas Cermax 175W 12.5V Xenon Ceramic Short Arc Lamp has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

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