XL-5200U XL5200U Sony TV Lamp


  • $2999
  • Save $2000

Same as XL-5200, XL5200, XL-5200A, XL5200A, XL-5200E, XL5200E, A-1203-604-A, A1203604A, F-9308-860-0, F93088600

Used in the following models:

KDS-50A2000, KDS-50A2020, KDS-50A3000, KDS-55A2000, KDS-55A2020, KDS-55A3000, KDS-60A2000, KDS-60A2020, KDS-60A3000, KDS50A2000, KDS50A2020, KDS50A3000, KDS55A2000, KDS55A2020, KDS55A3000, KDS60A2000, KDS60A2020, KDS60A3000

Economy lamps come with a 90 day warranty

Philips lamps come with a 1 year warranty