Just added Shindengen IC, MCZ3001DB

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We are now stocking MCZ3001DB, Pulse Width Modulation IC, 18 DIP .  Popular Shindengen IC used in Sony projection TV's.

The MCZ3001DB IC is an original Shindengen semiconductor found in some popular Sony TV models.  This IC is used in standard rear projection TV power supply and LCD rear projection TV boards.
Originally sold under the following part numbers, 670581001, 670335501, and CP08451U.  This IC will also replace part numbers, MCZ3001D, MCZ3001DA, and 875967030.
Works with models:
KD30XS955, KDF-55XS955, KP46WT520, KV27FV310, KD32FS130, KDF-60WF655, KP51WS520, KV27HS420, KD34XBR960, KDF-60XS955, KP57WS520, KV-29DRC420, KD-34XBR970, KDFE42A10, KV20FS120, KV-29FA310, KD34XS955, KDF-E50A10, KV-21FA310, KV-29FS120, KD-36FS130, KDFE55A20, KV-21FM120, KV-30HS420, KD36XS955, KDFE60A20, KV21FS120, KV-32DX850, KDE55XBR950, KDP51WS655, KV24FS120, KV32FS120, KDF42E2000, KDP57WS655, KV-25FS120, KV-32FS320, KDF42WE655, KE42M1, KV-27FA310, KV32HS20, KDF50WE655, KF-42WE620, KV27FS120, KV-32HS420, KDF55WF655, KF-50WE620, KV-27FS320, KV32HV600, KV32XBR450, KV36FS120, KV36HS420, KV-38FS120, KV-34FS120, KV-36FS320, KV36XBR400, VPLHS20, KV34HS420, KV36HS20, KV-36HS500

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