EdenPURE US001 OEM Sylvania 500W Heater Bulb Multi-Packs

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We have added additional Sylvania heater lamp value multi-packs to our store. Six, Nine, and Twelve packs are now available. Sold under EdenPURE and Sylvania part numbers US001 and 58911 (500W/115V/T6).

Sylvania heating elements are used in popular EdenPURE Quartz Infrared portable heaters. Including models, Gen 4, Gen 7, Gen 8, Classic, Elite, US1000, USA1000, USA1000A4188/RTL, USA750A5165, Kenmore, Personal Heater (select models), RPE1325A5092 Space Saver, RPE1325A5274 Space Saver Plus, RPE1325A5275 Gen3 USA, RPE1500A5076 Premiere, RPE1500A5093 Trusted Comfort, RPE1500A5093/R Trusted Comfort.

Sylvania is the original manufacturer of EdenPURE heater elements.

We also have these heater elements available on,


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