Need a Turntable Belt But Do Not Know The Correct Size?

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We offer free turntable belt identification and sizing! 

-If you do not see your belt listed on our website please contact customer service so we can help you match the belt you need!

-Please try to include the following information when contacting us:

  • Belt Length: Measured by pinching both ends of the belt, then measuring the length, and then multiplying by two. (example 12.5" x 2 = 25")
  • Belt Shape: Flat, Round, or Square
  • Flat Belt: Please measure the belts width
  • Round or Square Belt: Please measure the belts thickness
  • Please include the brand and model number of the turntable

-If you do not have the turntable belt or it is damaged, please let us know if it is a flat, square, or round type. The length can be determined by using a piece of string to follow the belts path around the pulleys and then applying the same directions for belt length above. The belts width can also be determined by measuring the distance between the rims on the motor pulley.

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