Economy, Neolux, Osram, Philips, and Phoenix TV Lamps Explained

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Many of you have probably noticed that we stock each version of the lamp available for all TVs. With up to 4 brands available per TV model, there is bound to be some confusion as to the differences or pros and cons of each of these lamp types. Lets start with Economy Lamps:

  • Economy TV lamps are also known as OEM compatible, OEM equivalent, generic, aftermarket, etc. These are typically much less expensive and prove to be a good value for the price. We will mark that as a pro. The cons for these lamps are a shorter life, lower light output, reduced quality, and may have reduced light distribution. Compared to the original brightness, these will provide 30% less life on average and 25% lower light output. Why do we carry these? The answer is simple, we want to serve the need of these lamps in the market. These lamps carry less warranty and we do not guarantee the same picture quality. We encourage all of our customers to purchase the OEM lamp, whether it be Philips, Osram, or Phoenix (for Toshiba Televisions) for the best possible picture. Economy lamps come with a 3 month warranty.

  • NEOLUX TV lamps (Osram's value brand) offer competitively priced products to compete against lower-quality economy TV lamps currently in the market. Compared to economy lamps, this product line provides more light output, longer life, better quality and more even light distribution. These product attributes add up to a more consistent viewing experience and reduced lamp replacement costs over the life of the television. Compared to the original brightness, these will provide 20% less life on average and 15% lower brightness. Neolux lamps come with a 6 month warranty.

  • Osram is a premium brand lamp that is used as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in many DLP/LCD TV sets including certain Sony, all Mitsubishi, certain Samsung, and all Sharp televisions.  Osram brand VIP/P-VIP TV and projector lamps have a longer life expectancy and lower defect rate than economy lamps and Neolux value line lamps.  With better lighting output and excellent light distribution Osram lamps are a great choice. Osram lamps come with a 9 month warranty.

  • Philips UHP UltraBright lamps are premium DLP/LCD TV lamps with unparalleled brightness, lamp life, and very low defect rates. Philips is used in the majority of Sony, RCA, Samsung, Hitachi, JVC, and Panasonic TVs as the original (OEM) lamp and will be a high quality replacement for your TV. Philips lamps come with a full 1 year warranty.

  • Phoenix DLP TV lamps are used only in Toshiba TVs and are the highest quality solution available for your Toshiba DLP TV. Phoenix SHP lamps are DC lamps (with exception of the TBL4-LMP / AZ684020 - this is an AC lamp) whereas all the above are AC lamps and there is no interoperability between the AC and DC lamps. These are much harder for aftermarket companies to reproduce so the aftermarket versions will have a much higher failure rate than sticking with the original bulbs. Phoenix lamps come with a 6 month warranty.

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    Thank you for this comprehensive and informative comparative analysis. Much appreciated !

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