Identifying Philips non-original lamps and the risks of using them

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Philips UHP lamps are used in the majority of Sony, RCA, Samsung, Hitachi, JVC, and Panasonic TVs as the original factory lamp (OEM). Choosing a Philips brand bulb is a great high quality replacement for your device.

The following documents are provided by Philips Lighting and are intended to help the consumer ensure they are purchasing and receiving a genuine Philips replacement lamp.

Risks of Using Non-Original Philips TV and Projector Lamps 

Philips Projection Lighting Recommendations

Philips UHP Constant Brightness Image Life

Philips Projector Lamp Testing and Research

Key points to remember when purchasing a replacement lamp being sold as a Philips original or OEM product.

  • The Philips name stamp is clearly printed on the surface of the bulb.
  • Since 2007 all Philips UHP lamps are manufactured in Shanghai, China.
  • All Philips UHP lamp burners are manufactured in Belgium.
  • All Philips UHP lamps have a white label with a 2D barcode and serial number.
  • Philips can be contacted directly with the serial number to provide authenticity.
  • All Philips UHP lamp burners have a 10 digit alphanumeric serial number etched on the side.

All Philips UHP Ultrabright DLP/LCD TV lamps sold by Dynamic Lamps are covered by a one year warranty.

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