EdenPURE Gen4 And USA1000 Heater Elements By Sylvania

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Now in stock, Sylvania part number 58911 (500W/115V/T6), heater element used in popular EdenPURE Quartz Infrared portable heaters.  Used in models, Gen4, USA1000, and others.  Sold under EdenPURE part number US001.  These elements are available as a single unit and also as a value three pack.

Osram Sylvania 58911/EdenPURE US001 Single Unit, $17.99ea.

Osram Sylvania 58911/EdenPURE US001 Three Pack, $64.99ea.

Used in the following models:

EdenPURE Gen 4
EdenPURE Gen 7
EdenPURE Gen 8
EdenPURE Classic
EdenPURE Elite
EdenPURE US1000
EdenPURE USA1000
EdenPURE USA1000A4188/RTL
EdenPURE USA750A5165
EdenPURE Kenmore
EdenPURE Personal Heater (select models)
EdenPURE RPE1325A5092, Space Saver
EdenPURE RPE1325A5274, Space Saver Plus
EdenPURE RPE1325A5275, Gen3 USA
EdenPURE RPE1500A5076, Premiere
EdenPURE RPE1500A5093, Trusted Comfort
EdenPURE RPE1500A5093/R, Trusted Comfort

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