4719-001997 1910-6143W DLP Chip Mitsubishi Samsung Toshiba

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4719-001997 276P595010 New DLP Chip for Mitsubishi Samsung and Toshiba Rear Projection TV

SKU:  4719-001997
Part Type:  DMD IC, DLP Chip
Used In:  DLP RPTV (Rear Projection)
Warranty:  1 Year

MFR Part Number 1:  Samsung 4719-001997
MFR Part Number 2:  Samsung 4719-001985
MFR Part Number 3:  Samsung 4719-001999
MFR Part Number 4:  Mitsubishi 276P595010
MFR Part Number 5:  Mitsubishi DMD-IC-NOV39

Texas Instruments Chip/IC Numbers:
1910-6103W  1910-6106W  1910-6143W  1910-6145W  1910-6146W

Used in Mitsubishi Models:
WD-57733  WD-57734  WD-57833  WD-60638  WD-60733  WD-60735
WD-60737  WD-60738  WD-60833  WD-60837  WD-60C8  WD-60C9
WD-65638  WD-65731  WD-65733  WD-65734  WD-65735  WD-65736
WD-65737  WD-65738  WD-65833  WD-65835  WD-65837  WD-65838
WD-65C8  WD-65C9  WD-73638  WD-73640  WD-73642  WD-73733
WD-73734  WD-73735  WD-73736  WD-73737  WD-73738  WD-73833
WD-73835  WD-73837  WD-73838  WD-73840  WD-73C8  WD-73C9
WD-73C11  WD-75837  WD-82737  WD-82738  WD-82838  WD-C657
WD-Y577  WD-Y657

Used in Samsung Models:

Used in Toshiba Models:
57HM167  65HM167

We also carry the DLP Chip Installation Kit Only which includes:
1 thermal pad, 1 anti-static strap, 1 micro fiber cloth, and 1 pair of gloves

The DLP Chip and Installation Kit can also be purchased together:
Includes one DLP chip and one chip installation kit

DLP Chip Installation Note 1: 
Replacing the DMD DLP Chip will correct the white and black dots that appear in the picture.  This condition is caused by faulty micro mirrors within the chip.  After the old chip is removed the faulty mirrors are usually visible as small black "specs" on the mirror side of the chip.

DLP Chip and Lamp Installation Note 2:
If your TV does not have a picture after installing a new chip please retrace your steps to insure all cables are connected; especially the color wheel cable.  The color wheel cable is a flat, flex type cable, with flat contacts on one side.  Take note of the cable contacts when you disconnect this cable and make sure to reconnect it with the correct side when you slide it back into the cable connector.  Also, make sure the lamp compartment door is closed securely before turning the TV back on.  Failure to check the color wheel cable and/or lamp compartment door before turning the TV back on can result in no picture.  For Mitsubishi, the indicator on the front  of the TV will continuously blink yellow if the lamp door is open and for Samsung all three indicators on the front of the TV will blink simultaneously.

DLP Chip Installation Note 3:
After replacing the DLP Chip, the DMD/Formatter circuit board might also need to be replaced. This is usually indicated by black vertical bars or a broken mosaic pattern in the picture.
Mitsubishi Service Literature can be found here:
V33 Chassis|V36 V37 V38 Chassis|V39 Chassis

Watch the video below to see how its done!
(There are numerous videos on YouTube that show this process)

  • 100% new, factory original, OEM DLP chips (DMD micro mirror device) made by Texas Instruments for select Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Toshiba DLP Rear Projection Televisions.

  • Purchase with Confidence; our DLP chips are brand new and have not been pulled, used, or re-manufactured in any way.

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